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Power Equipment multi Tester/Recorder (Power Equipment multi Tester/Recorder )

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Power Equipment multi Tester/Recorder

Power Equipment multi Tester/Recorder is designed as a portable equipment to use at field including the functions of Transient fault recorder and PQVf recorder. When the power system is under unstable system condition, it collects and evaluates the system condition data to assist system operators in taking corrective actions. And also collects on a real time basis, system parameters such as voltage, current, phase angle, frequency, active, and reactive power. It records them for remote data retrieval, when abnormal system conditions are detected.

Features And Functions

  • Designed for the portable use at field
  • Transient fault recorder + PQVf recorder
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Examination of transient state of the power line
  • IEEE Comtrade conversion
  • Data Logger function
    - Chart Recording in 7 days-Maximum (user's configuration)
    - Saving cycle configuration (Minimum 1cycle)
    - Phasor Data of Analog 16 channel
    - Contact data of Digital 32 channel
    - P,Q,F Data by Feeder