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Portable Transformer Tester (PS34A)

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Portable Transformer Tester (PS34A)

PS34A is a portable test set to allow customers to perform a field test to verify characteristics of power transformers such as step-up transformers at power plants and substation which are critical components in power system operations. Many utilities are required to perform periodic test of these transformers and its test is very time consuming and requires highly skilled technical person. PS34A is designed such a way that the field test can be easily performed by less skilled field personnel. PS34A is an automated digital test equipment which allows customers to verify all manufacturing parameters by simple test procedures

Features And Functions

  • Test of various rating power transformers
  • Automatic test of ratio, polarity, phase angle deviation,and short circuits tests etc.
  • All the test functions available without changing any test lead connections
  • Printing test result & vector diagram instantly by built-in printer
  • High speed operation by adopting DSP processor
  • Measured data download through the RS-232C port to PC
  • Easy management of test data by using windows based software