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Portable CT Tester (ProCT-1000MD)

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Portable CT Tester (ProCT-1000MD)

ProCT-1000MD is a portable test set for current transformer test at the field including excitation characteristics, turn ratio, polarity, saturation point, phase angle and comparative error to the standard CT. It can perform precise instrumentation test for a single CT, and also it allows multiple ratio current transformer tests to be performed without changing any cable connections.And the built-in printer provides print outs of all test results instantly.

Testing principles of ProCT-1000MD is as follows.

  • Turn Ratio : Voltage comparison method
  • Polarity : Phase comparison method
  • Exciting Characteristics : Plotting of V2, I2 exciting curve
  • Saturation Point : Secondary voltage of the point where exciting curve slope is 45
  • Phase Angle : Phase difference comparison between primary and secondary
  • Comparative Error : Comparing the current from the tested CT to the standard CT

Features And Functions

  • Measuring turn ratio, polarity, saturation point, phase angle, exciting curve,and voltage/current
  • Rapid and accurate test of CT characteristics by adopting motor driving test voltage regulator
  • Printing test result instantly by built-in printer
  • Test results can be retrieved,and test report can be printed with various type at windows based software
  • Test results and 50 sites information can be stored for the next time test
  • Massively reduced amount of measuring work and measuring time
  • High speed operation by adopting DSP processor