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Power Quality Monitoring Control Device (PM-300)

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Power Quality Monitoring Control Device (PM-300)

PM-300 is a microprocessor based measuring and control device including panel metering, power quality measurements and peak demand control. It directly interfaces with VTs and CTs and calculates true RMS current, voltage, power, energy, harmonics and other values. It provides an analog output channel for interface with SCADA RTU and contact outputs for alarms or controls. SCADA system for industrial , commercial power distribution can be economically established. RS-232c and 485 ports are used for digital communications with remote host computer or other PM-300 devices.

Features And Functions

  • Power quality analysis with up to 63th harmonics
  • Convenient user interface and windows based S/W
  • Direct signal acquisition without any outer transducer
  • Self suitability determining of input current and voltage
  • Self H/W and memory diagnosis when turned on
  • User friendly graphic and table form analysis result
  • 4-20mA analog output can be used as transducer
  • 4 channels of contact outputs
    The contact outputs can be used to alarm up to 16
    user-configurable conditions as listed below
Over/Under Voltage Voltage unbalance
Over Current Over neutral current
Current Unbalance Over kVA
Over kWfoward Over kWreverse
Over kVARfoward Over kVARreverse
Over Demand Over/Under frequency
Under PFLead Under PFLag
Over Counter Status input change


Items Specification
Rating Input Voltage AC 110V , AC 0~175V
Rating Input Current AC 0~8A
Contact input 4CH Dry Contact(min. pulse : 40ms)
Control Output 4CH relay contact,
Capacity : AC 250V or DC 30V, 10A
Auxiliary Output DC 4~20mA, 1CH
Power Supply AC 85~264V, 44~440Hz or DC 110~370V
Dimension 340(W)X250(H)X109(D), 3.6kg

Real Time Measured Parameter